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The function of the MSA Committee on Resident and Fellow Affairs (CORFA) is multifaceted. Our goals include:

  • working on behalf of all Massachusetts residents regarding state and national issues affecting future anesthesiologists.
  • as advocates, staying active at both the state and national levels with representatives present at MSA and ASA meetings; ensuring both proper representation and advocacy is our primary goal.
  • ensuring medical student exposure to our specialty by advocating and facilitating anesthesia awareness and interest groups in all medical schools in the state.

What could involvement in CORFA mean to you?

  • Quarterly meetings, during which you can interact with fellow anesthesiology residents from programs throughout Massachusetts and plan various activities and educational events for both medical students and residents.
  • Invitation to attend the MSA Executive Committee meetings scheduled throughout the year.
  • Opportunity to attend the ASA Annual Meeting as a resident delegate, with attendance at all House of Delegates meetings and regional caucuses throughout the week.
  • Ability to interact and network with your fellow anesthesiologists at both the state and national level, and become more informed on important issues affecting our specialty, both current and future.

CORFA members are easily approachable and exist throughout the training programs in the state. Should you have any questions or seek to become more involved, please contact one of the members of the CORFA Committee.

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