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Anesthesiologists are the physicians who make modern medicine possible. They are the doctors who oversee the broad practice of anesthesia in hospitals and medical centers. As a patient, you may have questions about anesthesia and the experience you might have with an anesthesiologist.

Helpful Links for Patients

The Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA) wants to ensure you get your questions answered. The MSA works closely with the national organization, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), where you can find important and useful information to help you become a more informed patient about the medical care you receive before, during and following surgical and diagnostic procedures.

Anesthesia 101

Find out about the types, effects, and risks of anesthesia and the role physician anesthesiologists play before, during, and after surgery to keep you or your loved one safe.

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Pain Management

Learn how pain medicine specialists such as physician anesthesiologists determine treatments to help you manage chronic pain or to relieve acute pain related to labor, surgery, or injury.

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Preparing for Surgery

Know the steps to take before surgery and what to expect after — to make your anesthesia care and the procedure as safe as possible and your recovery as quick and uneventful as can be. 

Info to be Prepared

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