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  • 59th Annual Meeting and Fall Conference

59th Annual Meeting and Fall Conference

  • 15 Sep 2016
  • 18 Sep 2016
  • Portland Westin Harborview Hotel, Portland, Maine

Bridging Gaps to Achieve Even Better Care is intended to increase the participants knowledge base in subject areas that are timely and relevant. Understand the evolution of the paravertebral block. The evidence based use of data for the use of TAP blocks and adductor canal blocks will be presented. Specify the relevance of postoperative pulmonary complications and the role of protective mechanical ventilation in their minimalization. Differentiate the different mechanisms leading to intraoperative ventilator-induced lung injury followed by discussing outcome studies on the effect of protective ventilator strategies in ventilated patients to propose ventilator strategies for specific intraoperative conditions. Formulate management plans with alternatives to treat intraoperative bronchospasm with different degrees of severity. Identify the limits of observational data, citing examples when data has been interpreted incorrectly resulting in the harm to public health so that learners will be able to recognize observational data that is more helpful than data stemming from a randomized controlled study. Appreciate the clinical indications for use of factor concentrates in the perioperative period in order to recognize transfusion-associated complications and to mitigate risk for transfusion-associated complications related to plasma and platelet product transfusion. Adjudicate the various issues involved in the debate over neonates and anesthesia with regard to the current clinical and preclinical research suggesting that anesthetic exposure may be toxic to the developing brain and AAP/ASA consensus statement


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