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The Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA), unified with ASA, focuses on promoting patient safety and fostering our discipline through education, representation, and advocacy. Members can improve the future as well as connect with other physicians from around the state.

To be a MSA member you must be a member of ASA. Use the link below to join ASA or reactivate a lapsed membership. Once ASA processes your application you will automatically be added to the MSA state component.

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Continuing education

Attend MSA educational meetings at a discounted rate.

State and national representation

Representation and updates on state and federal legislative and regulatory issues. The MSA is a component society of the ASA. MSA membership is encouraged to grow to ensure adequate number of delegates and a strong representation.

Resident evolvement

CORFA delegates from academic programs in Massachusetts participate in governance activities as well as executive committee meetings.



Active - $400; Military - $200

Requires copy of MA license.

Affiliate - $200

A physician who is not engaged in the clinical practice of anesthesiology; or a scientist, not a physician, who is interested in, and contributes to, the advancement and progress of anesthesiology research. Requires endorsement by two society members.

Resident/Fellow - $25

To be endorsed by director of training program.

Medical Student - $0


A physician or other scientist who has attained exceptional eminence in anesthesiology or related fields and has made significant contributions to anesthesiology.


A physician who has retired completely from the practice of anesthesiology and a continuous active member of a component society for at least 10 years.

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